Villans to Heroes: Aston Villa Players in World War One

As we enter remembrance weekend, it’s important to remember those of the Villa family who serve and have served in our armed forces. Perhaps most poignantly we acknowledge those who served in the war which began our remembrance tradition. These men were often in the prime of their careers, yet volunteered to serve selflessly.

Some players continued to achieve as footballers after the end of the war. Some were never the same again, and some never returned at all. Today we remember them.

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94-95: Villa-Palace & The Relegation Close Shave

As Villa face down an increasingly difficult relegation fight, we may be forced to draw any much needed inspiration from past escapes. With the arrival of Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace to Villa Park for another crucial clash tomorrow, it seems apt to delve into the archives and return to the challenging 1994/95 campaign. It was a season where Villa escaped relegation on the final day at the expense of this weekend’s visitors.

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