Anwar El Ghazi and Tyrone Mings’ “altercation” wasn’t as bad as you thought

Anwar El Ghazi and Tyrone Mings “altercation” during Villa’s clash against West Ham was a nonstory, here’s why.

As you are more than likely aware by now, during last nights game against West Ham Anwar El Ghazi and Tyrone Mings “clashed heads” in a brief heated exchange during the first half.

The whole scenario, which has been the talking point of the evening saw El Ghazi and Mings exchanged words – with the media seeming to make a lot out of the situation – which in reality was nothing more than “handbags”, as stated by Jack Grealish in his post match interview.

Whilst this isn’t exactly Lee Bowyer V Kieron Dyer 2.0, it wasn’t a totally innocent altercation. As shown in the clip, Mings appears to be telling El Ghazi he needs to be tracking back better and watching his man – Anwar clearly had other ideas.

In the heat of the moment, we are all guilty of doing stupid things, this was one of them moments for the Dutchman. Mings was right to vent his frustrations with El Ghazi – however his reaction was childish and could have resulted in a red card for violent conduct.

anwar sees red
A sight no one wants to see (CameraSport via Getty Images)

As ridiculous as that sounds, the decision did go to VAR, with it seemingly agreeing with referee Mike Dean who didn’t choose to act on the incident.

In Grealish’s post match comments – he stated that as soon as they got in the dressing room at half time it was “all put to bed and they shook hands”.

Mings’ composure when El Ghazi “headbutted” him tells you everything you need to know about the situation, it wasn’t a problem worth fighting over. Anwar should just be thankful he didn’t end up on the receiving end like Zlatan did…

Nothing to see here… (Sky Sports)

This is a passion we’re seeing a lot in this Villa squad, from Guilbert busting a gut to win the ball back off Felipe Anderson, to the uproar from the whole XI at Crystal Palace during “Friend-gate”.

No Villa fan wants to see their own players exchange blows, but in an age where many players in the league are just here for the big bucks, I appreciate that both Tyrone and Anwar both care enough to get that passionate about tracking fullbacks.

At the end of the day, the media are (yet again) making a mountain out of a mole hill, the issue has been put to bed, and the outcome of the game wasn’t negatively affected for the Villa by the incident.


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