Gameweek Two Preview: Three Lions.

546th… We are one week into this years Heart of the Holte fantasy league and, already, there are 545 players in between myself and the top spot. Not selecting Sterling was certainly a mistake; Jamie Vardy, Guilbert’s absence and Begovic not playing did not do me any favours either…

League update

It’s only week one and already there is a 12 point gap at the top of the league. Brian Hanna ‘Oswego Villan’ had a sensational start to the season and earned himself a whopping 122 points. This earned him a rank of 463rd in the world and just 7th in the whole of America – tough competition it would seem! Much of this was down to his choice to triple captain Sterling early on, but when you consider the fact that he had two Villa lads in his squad in McGinn and Mings, you really do have to hand it to our American leader. For a closer look, follow this link:

However, James Marsh who goes by the rather unoriginal team name of ‘VILLANS’ had an equally outstanding week. He finds himself second on 110 points and still has his triple captain chip to play.

The lowest recorded scores of the week go to Ashley Booth ‘ken Oath Villa FC’ and Phil Dix ‘Aston Philla’. The latter of whom had Sterling as his second sub; maybe there isn’t only one Steve Bruce after all… If you feel bad about your performance this week, Phil really is here to help:

Fixtures – teams of the week

Last week, my tip to fill your squads with Liverpool and City players have have been decidedly obvious but it certainly paid off; they scored 9 goals between them. Arsenal, Bournemouth and Villa were held to a goal each, yet there will still points to be had in these games. With that said, here are my top 5 teams to focus in for Gameweek 2.

Liverpool are going to be a feature in this section I feel. Whilst they aren’t at Anfield this week, they are playing Southampton who just lost 3-0 to Burnley. If Burnley can score 3 against your defence, playing Liverpool could be embarrassing.

Watford were at sixes and sevens last week as they were given a shock spanking by Brighton. They conceded three goals at home; if, like me, you feel that the leaks may not be patched then Everton are a team to consider. They failed to score last week and will be hoping to net a few at Goodison this time out.

Arsenal are also a pick once again and seeing as though they are back at the Emirates, I would hope for more than one goal this week. Aubameyang is the clear choice for me as he will be the Gunners sharpshooter once again this year. Burnley may have won 3-0 last week, but being away to Arsenal and home to Southampton are very different propositions.

Aston Villa; we got off to a flying start last week and battled against an elite level Tottenham side for most of the game. When you consider the gap between the top three and the rest of the league, this puts us in very good stead for the season. Trezeguet is a player I will be closely monitoring and I would not be at all surprised if he picked some points up against Bournemouth. It’s going to be a part atmosphere at Villa Park come Saturday, lets hope for a party on the pitch too!

Norwich vs Newcastle – do not select Norwich defenders because they are quite simply diabolical at the back. However, on the attack Norwich looked pretty good against a Liverpool back four boasting the likes of Van Dijk and Robertson. Pukki in particular could have picked up a lot of points last week. If the canaries carve Newscastle open in the same way Norwich could be the differential you are looking for.

The List:

  1. Southampton vs Liverpool
  2. Everton vs Watford
  3. Arsenal vs Burnley
  4. Aston Villa vs Bournemouth
  5. Norwich vs Newcastle

Captain Pick:


Budget Pick:


My Team:

It’s a sub and not a transfer for me this week as I’m planning to accumulate a second transfer to switch in Sterling for KDB next week. In comes Heaton, and Guilbert has one more chance to start – I personally felt Elmo struggled last week and hope the more attacking new signing comes in this week. If he starts then its three lions for me this week, if not then Dendoncker comes in so there is no real risk here.

Here’s my lineup:

Make sure to tweet us your teams and your positions.

Thanks for reading and UTV!

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