For once, please just win…

The home of football, pride of the English game.

The founders of the football league, a famous old name.

Wembley way, the Green man and an arch of fame.

Aston Villa, 90 minutes, and promotion to claim.

To us, New Wembley has not been kind.

Tom Cairney, Alexis Sanchez and refs who’ve been blind.

Vidic hauled down Gabby, not even booked.

Fredericks stamped on Grealish, completely overlooked.

But we are the Villa, we have always roared.

Once again we are back, helped by a cabbage that soared.

Bruce had his chance, but potatoes go rotten.

We almost went bust, Xia’s now all but forgotten.

Our grand old club, saved by new owners.

Dean Smith came in, made us Barcelona.

A great early run, but Grealish got injured.

We slumped to 14th, barely any hope lingered.

But then, the return of Super Jack.

We beat Derby 4-0, next up was the Peaky blinder’s smack.

One punch, and they knocked him out.

Jack got up and scored, Villa one, Small Heath nowt.

Two wins became three, three became four.

The run carried on, we started to roar.

Ten wins in a row, a record had been broken.

Playoffs were secured, the lions had awoken.

We now faced the baggies, both home and away.

They came to defend, the Tony Pulis way.

Ten behind the ball, and a goal on the break.

We were in trouble, behind due to a mistake.

On came Conor, and in flew the ball.

The score was now even, tied at one all.

Gibbs fouled Grealish and we had a pen,

Tammy delivered, Villa Park erupted again.

The game finished 2-1, with Gayle suspended.

An aggregate lead, yet Albion still only defended.

A long throw and a header, anti-football struck back.

A horrendous 120 minutes, nerves began to crack.

Brunt was sent off, but still, we couldn’t score.

The whistle blew, penalties were in store.

In front of the away fans donning Claret and Blue,

Villa scored twice, and Jed Steer saved two.

We went 3-1 up, two chances to win.

Adomah blazed over, Morrison’s pen snuck in.

It was all down to Tammy, the final so near

In the ball went, Limbs, scenes, a lot more beer.

Leeds fell apart, water remains wet.

Derby are now the only remaining threat.

90 minutes to get back where we belong.

A chance at redemption, to put right last year’s wrong.

On Monday, London will be a sea of Claret and Blue.

Myself not included, f****d out of a ticket by the queue.

Tammy, Grealish, Mings and McGinn,

Come on Villa, for once please just win…

Up The Villa,

By Callum Richardson

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