“Whatever it takes”


I’ll keep this very short and very sweet. It’s been one hell of a season and it’s about to get even hotter as we go into a battle (and it will be a battle) with the Baggies tonight. This game will need blood, sweat and tears as they will look to go on the front foot. Let’s face it, they have to, there is no other choice. But, with the pace that we have, we can definitely catch them out but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t get in their faces and take the game to them. Not only should we take the game to them but press hard eliminating their way of playing.

We have a better team and should see this out although I am going for a 2-2 draw. There will be elements of pressure and we will just have to soak it up but, in Dean Smith fashion, put ourselves in a position where these moments should be few and far between.

A calm head and taking our chances when they come is what it’s all about but we have absolutely no excuses. We are in a position where we have to do whatever it takes to see it through and this might mean pulling a few professional fouls and a little bit of time wasting but it’s about getting to the Final. I don’t want to play with character and good sportsmanship all the time, tonight I want to win and I don’t care how it comes. The time to be something and to be remembered comes down to the result in the big games and no matter what anyone says, it’s about winning.

Whatever happens tonight, this team has given the fans the honour and privilege of supporting Aston Villa Football Club again; not some shadow of it’s former self but the real deal and we are on the way. Make no mistake, hold on to your hats because the ride is just beginning but we finally have a Manager who sets out to win and with the right players and attitude, we can do some good things. We have some of them but we will get more because we are attractive again. Players will want to come here and play good football. Remember that old Aston Villa that you once knew? I bet you can feel the Lion awakening again. Whatever happens, we are back.

If you’re at home, at the match or with your friends; enjoy it; this is what it’s all about!

Up the Villa!


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