FansBet Championship Fantasy Football

By Ryan Pitcher

I love my fantasy football I do. From the official Premier League one, the Dream Team FC app, along with any others that I can get involved with.

But this is a first for me… Championship Fantasy Football.

Having already taken advantage of FansBet’s generous giveaway and submitting a team for the Premier League one, I opted to stump up the £11 fee and play their Championship game too. The entry dealine is just before kick-off tonight as Reading play host to Derby County and so you’ve got to be quick if you wanna’ be in it.

Why should I play?

Value! All poker players out there will understand the term ‘overlay.’ When a poker room hosts a tournament for which they have set a guarantee on the prize pool and not enough players participate to meet that prescribed amount, the room will add the needed money to meet the guarantee, and it seems that’s what we have here.

The guaranteed prizepool stands at £5,000 and there are currently less than 60 entrants. This means that the game is currently set to have a £4,000+ overlay.

I wouldn’t normally pay to play fantasy football but what with the added value and that it’s the league that Villa are plying their trade then for me it was a no-brainer.

On top of this, FansBet are currently giving the first 1,000 entrants to their Premier League Fantasy Football a free entry, an incentive that I’ve already taken full advantage of.

At the time of publishing this article there were still over 300 FREE slots available for the Premier League version of the game (worth £22 each) into a prizepool of £100,000. If you’re quick then you could claim your free ticket too.

What is FansBet?

A couple of months back Heart of the Holte announced its partnership with FansBet in an article you can view by clicking here. Although this feature explains things in much more detail, essentially FansBet is an online gaming platform that teams up with fan groups like ourselves and shares 50% of net profits with its partners. All you have to do is nominate Heart of the Holte as a beneficiary.

Who profiteers?

Villa fans!

Like the majority of fan sites and supporter groups, Heart of the Holte runs self-sufficiently. Rather the running of it actually costs us money, from the site hosting through to the competitions we run for our followers. All of this comes from our own back pockets. We do this for the love of the football club and a want for a platform where the 12th man can have their say. Football is full of opinions and I for one have a thirst to hear and read what others have to say, especially when it comes to Villa!

We do not see any money from FansBet whatsoever.Very soon we will be due our first payment for which we then have to notify FansBet as to what to spend it on and this has to be a supporter initiative that’s relevant to Aston Villa. We’ve already got our own ideas on where we intend on this money going, but as an example it could go towards supplementing the cost of away travel for Villa fans.

G’warn then, let’s have a look at your team…

Here it is in all its glory!

Championship Fantasy Football

How do I enter?

If you wish to play either or both of the Championship and Premier League Fantasy Football games then just click here and follow the instructions.

Don’t forget to share your teams with us on Twitter!

Good luck… and UP THE VILLA!

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