FansBet Partnership Announcement

By Ryan Pitcher

Earlier in the week we announced our newfound partnership with FansBet.

A venture that everyone at Heart of the Holte is really excited about and we really think the rest of you Villans will be too, as soon as you get to grips with how it all works and what exactly is on offer.

Rather than restrict ourselves to 280 characters and try to explain everything via our social channels, we thought what we’d bring it to you in the form that we know best, through the blog.

As you may have seen Heart of the Holte is currently going through a rapid re-vamping process, the new website is still under construction and content is being created and uploaded. The team are pulling out all the stops in order to become the #1 place to go for all things Villa related and our friends at FansBet are an integral part of us being able to offer you guys more than we’ve ever been capable of before.

What is FansBet?

FansBet is an online gaming platform which seeks to build strong long lasting partnerships that enable them to share 50% of net profits generated from bets to be used for fan causes and other initiatives that matter to fans.

How does it work?

During registration of a new account players are asked to identify the club that they support. They can also nominate a specific trust or supporter group to be the beneficiary of funds. On a quarterly basis the accrued net profit is communicated to the relevant groups and they then have the empowerment to use those funds to make a difference in areas that matter most.

What do Heart of the Holte intend on spending this money on?

We’ve discussed this at length and there are a number of initiatives that we’d be interested in running for the supporters of Aston Villa. One would be to reward the fantastic away support the club is synonymous for by supplementing away travel costs whilst also possibly donating funds to a cause close to all of us on home match days, Project B6. There’s a whole heap of ideas that we’ve got lined up should this partnership be a success.

What about fans who are concerned about the image of gambling?

So are we. We respect people who do not bet and will never ask them to start. Our wish is to give fans who do like a bet on any sport the option to choose FansBet where they can play as they would normally, but be safe in doing so they are also generating funds for great fan causes. Our commitment to enjoying gaming will go above and beyond what is required of us, and we will always have the wellbeing of our players as a top priority.

Is there an App?

Yes. You can access the FansBet app via the App Store Google Play.

Heart of the Holte’s take on it all… and what else will we be providing Villa fans with through this partnership with FansBet…

We echo what FansBet say about betting. We appreciate that this will not be for everyone but for those that do enjoy a punt on the football or whichever sport or games, then why not benefit yourself and fellow Villa supporters by doing so? It makes perfect sense.

Throughout the football season along with our Villa related blogs and podcasts, which will always remain our primary piece, we will include weekly betting tips as well as ‘specials’ with price enhancements. There will also be a Championship Fantasy Football league for Heart of the Holte followers to get involved with featuring superb Villa related prizes.

Added to all of the above, Heart of the Holte will be running more competitions than ever before, so stay tuned for those giveaways.

We are proud to be a self-sufficient fan page and all of this is brought to you through our love of Aston Villa Football Club. All of which is funded through our own pockets.

I’d like to personally thank everyone working on the Heart of the Holte launch and all those supporters that get onside.


For more information on FansBet World Cup Fantasy Football click here or visit the FansBet website.

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